dental office waiting roomDentist and pain are words that are very hard to separate. Sometimes we can’t help but ask if the anesthetic is working properly, or else how do we still feel that stinging pain that makes us want to tear up?

It turns out that the ‘perceived pain’ is different from the actual physical pain. People often associate the pain with the sight, smell and sound of the dental environment. However, these things cannot be solved by mere anesthetics.

Visiting the Dentist Can Now Be as Relaxing as Going to the Spa

Fortunately, the progressive thinking of dental professionals has brought about improvements in dental practice, which is not just centered on the treatment technologies, but also on the dental environment.

Now it is possible to find luxurious dental offices where dentists have built their practice around the idea that it should be a pleasant, painless, and pleasing place to be, such as the spa-style dental offices in Paradise Valley, AZ.

A good dental environment can reduce the patient’s stress and fear of going to the dentist. Several studies highlighted elements that can give rise to positive feelings during treatment. This includes the sensory conditions such as the lighting of the room, the colors they see, the smell, and what they hear.

Patients tend to feel anxious and jittery while waiting for their turn in the lobby or waiting room. Imagine the patients sitting in a narrow space with faces like they are waiting for their execution. You can’t help but be infected by the atmosphere. The arrangement of equipment and furnishings in the treatment room, the colors, and the lighting can help create a more comfortable dental environment.

We’ve recently visited the Paradise Valley dental office of Dr Reem Kidess, an expert in reconstructive, cosmetic, preventative, and sedation dentistry, which is a great example of a dental practice built around patient comfort. We have learned how it works wonders in making patients less anxious and more comfortable.

How Clinic Environment Reduces Anxiety and Stress

The way it looks. The lighting should be adequate. However, it shouldn’t shine directly on the patient’s face, as it triggers stress and anxiety; Meanwhile, colors such as green and blue are very soothing. Paintings and artworks of such colors can be hung. The treatment rooms in Dr Kidess’ dental office are direct neighbors with nature. It offers the beautiful and relaxing views of Camelback and Mummy Mountains. 

The sounds heard. Patients tend to get anxious when they heard the sound of the drill and other dental machinery. Dr Kidess provides her patients with noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate these ‘evil’ noises.

The smell. The distinctive smell of antiseptics in clinics and hospitals triggers negative emotions from patients. Replacing it with citrus and other relaxing scents can help put the patients at ease.

The overall feel. The dental office should have a comfortable and inviting feel. Dr Kidess’ dental office, for example, has a relaxing spa-style lobby. The sense of tranquillity begins from the immaculately clean lobby and continues into the spacious treatment rooms.

Other anxiety control strategies. Another important thing in a spa-style dental office is to provide patients with a way to amuse themselves or something to focus on other than all prodding that’s going on in their mouth. All treatment rooms in Dr Kidess’ dental office are equipped with dental massage chairs and overhead TVs with Netflix. The procedure will be done before you know it.  

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