Sports Mouth Guard

Under Armour Sports Mouth Guard – ArmourBite® Custom Mouthguards


Whether you are playing football, basketball, cross-country or weightlifting, the new Under Armour Sports Mouth Guard ArmourBite® Mouthguard is the first of its kind to offer you not just protection from impact, but can also give you an extra competitive edge by improving:

  • Strength – Better performance
  • Endurance – Better workouts, longer distances
  • Reaction Time – Keep a beat ahead of your competition

Revolutionary Power Wedges™ Technology

The ArmourBite® custom mouthguard is custom-fit for your mouth, just like the pros, and implements revolutionary technology with its Power Wedges™. These Power Wedges™ work to help relieve the stress brought on by the “fight-or-flight” jaw clench you experience during heightened adrenaline production by creating an extra cushion between your back teeth. These Power Wedges™ also help to open the airway so that your body gets the extra oxygen it needs for optimal performance. Several independent peer-reviewed studies have been conducted which suggest that, on average, the ArmourBite® mouthguard increases speed by 12% and reduces lactic acid production by around 25%, meaning longer endurance for a better game or workout.

Quick, Easy and Pain-Free

The ArmourBite® mouthguard can be custom-fitted to your mouth in less than 20 minutes at the office of Dr. Reem Kidess; all without pain or hassle. The ArmourBite® mouthguard comes in both youth and adult sizes, are latex-free, have accessory options available and come in a variety of colors, including clear.

To find out more information or to schedule an appointment to get your custom-fit ArmourBite® mouthguard, please fill out our contact form or call the office.

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