Teeth Whitening

The easiest and least invasive way to immediately improve your smile is through teeth whitening. Brighter, whiter set of teeth means a healthier and more youthful smile. Consider how much more confident you would be with a brighter smile, it does make a difference.

Professional Teeth Whitening Scottsdale, AZ

Is there a difference between the over-the-counter methods and what your dentist can provide? Teeth whitening from your dentist is better. There is no comparison between the strength and concentration of the over-the-counter product and what your dentist can provide and dispense.

In-office vs. Take-home Procedure


Should you schedule an in-office teeth whitening or use take-home products? Our office in Scottsdale, AZ provides both; but what do we recommend? For most of our patients we have found in-office whitening to be the most effective for several reasons.

  • Easier: There is never a problem with compliance as it is performed in the office under a controlled environment.
  • More Precise: The tooth whitening agent is handled by dental professionals, and is applied to only the tooth surface, not the gum tissue, and for a controlled amount of time. The results are faster and the likelihood of sensitivity is extremely rare.
  • Faster: With take home whitening alone, to achieve the same results as with in-office whitening, you must use the trays and kit for an extended period of time, usually weeks to achieve similar results to what can be done in a single visit.

Teeth Whitening on Dark Discolored Teeth

Sometime your teeth may be darkly discolored from Tetracycline antibiotics or fluorosis, will teeth whitening work? It may, but it will certainly not harm your teeth. Whitening, again if done under the care of a dentist can lead to a dramatic change in your teeth and smile, it is safe and usually effective.

However, in the case of deep intrinsic/internal discoloration, then whitening may not be enough. Application of veneers may be the better course.

Before undergoing any teeth whitening procedures, Dr. Kidess will schedule a consultation to ensure that your teeth are healthy and that teeth whitening is the best course for you.


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