The Benefits of Scottsdale Dental Implants for Your Oral Health

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For patients who need to undergo treatment using conventional bridgework, crowns and dentures, a good and practical alternative is to get dental implants instead. Missing teeth can be caused by several, different reasons including freak accidents, gum disease, collisions with hard objects, aging taking its natural toll on the body and the like. These days, Scottsdale dental implants are among the top solutions to missing teeth. They are implanted into the jaw bone just like your natural tooth root. In fact, dental implants are the closest solution to replicating natural teeth.

Since dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone, they have a number of benefits which other teeth replacement methods do not have. A lot of patients who underwent teeth implanting find it easier to eat. Since the implants are snug and secured tightly, there should be no fear of teeth suddenly popping out, thus chewing on food would be easier and more enjoyable. Also, any bad tasting adhesive gels and creams are no longer needed. In addition, confidence will also get a major boost since implants won’t loosen and fall out just like that.

One common complaint that patients have towards several teeth replacement devices is that they tend to irritate the gums in the long run. This side effect does not occur with dental implants. Also, unlike dentures, dental implants from Scottsdale dental center do not make use of partial denture clasps which can irritate the teeth right next to the dentures. With dental implants, Dr. Reem Kidess assures that your remaining natural teeth will stay healthier as they will not be directly affected by the implants next to it. Also, some dentures require the filing down of surrounding teeth in order to fit dentures in. This is not necessary for dental implants because the actual implants are made to fit your natural teeth architecture and not the other way around.

Lastly, if you choose to get dental implants from your local Scottsdale dental care office, you are actually saving your jawbone from more progressive bone loss. Since dental implants imitate the effects of natural teeth, no more progressive bone loss will occur. Also, do not forget that these dental implants are tailored from person to person. It will be shaped and colored to match the existing teeth. This way, nobody will even notice that you’ve lost a tooth unless you reveal the information to them yourself.

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