Tips from Scottsdale Dental Care Experts: How to Deal with a Broken Tooth

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A broken tooth is one of the few emergencies that can cause intense and immediate panic. It needs to be addressed immediately, especially if it is painful and bleeding. If one cannot promptly visit a reputable Scottsdale dental center, there are some steps that can be done to ease the situation.

If there is bleeding, one should carefully apply pressure not on the tooth directly but on the gum area where the damaged tooth is located. To be specific, a broken and bleeding upper tooth will need pressure applied on the gum area above it. In contrast, a lower tooth requires pressure on the gum area below it. Swelling can also be lessened by applying a cold compress, whereas blood in the mouth can be washed out by gargling water.

If you find a shard of the chipped or fractured tooth, do not throw it. Instead, take the pieces to the dentist so he can repair the tooth by reattaching the pieces, provided they are not too small or too broken down. The dentist will most likely cement the pieces back on the tooth. If the problem involves a filling that has gotten loose or fallen out, the only solution is to replace it.

If the damage does not simply involve chipped teeth or loose fillings, go to the dentist immediately. The sharp edges of a broken tooth can cut the gums and the surrounding soft tissue inside the mouth and infection can set in. On the way to the dentist, one should put a piece of cotton on the affected area. This keeps the tooth from cutting the insides of the mouth and stops further bleeding.

Dentists will most likely need to pull out the damaged tooth. However, you need not worry about suffering from missing teeth because your dentist can perform effective and safe restorative procedures, such as the installation of Scottsdale dental implants. These are permanent tooth replacements that restore the appearance and function of your extracted teeth.

Oral health experts like Dr. Reem Kidess are qualified to address dental problems like broken teeth or damaged gums. These professionals can reconstruct the teeth and make them good as new. Their Scottsdale dental care offices are also equipped with digital x-ray machines and intra-oral cameras so that “before” and “after” cosmetic video imaging can be done and the procedures can be made easier. These dental experts also encourage patients to participate in the creation of a comprehensive treatment plan by entertaining their questions.

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