Tips to Help Your Toddler Brush Their TeethOn a good day, most toddlers have the attention span of a goldfish. Two minutes in time out can seem like an eternity, and getting them to brush their teeth can be equally difficult. If you’re struggling to help your toddler brush their teeth, this post is for you.

Tips to Help Your Toddler Brush Their Teeth

If you haven’t already, begin building a routine and stick to it. Building routine when they are young sets them up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits.

Get them a fun toothbrush. These days they have cartoon characters and tooth brushes that vibrate or sing.

Brush your teeth at the same time. Doing this also helps them to be able to see how to brush properly, and is another opportunity for parent-child bonding.

Use Incentive. Offer things like time (staying up a few minutes later), or set up a sticker chart they can fill in for brushing their teeth with the promise of a reward at the end.

Visit where you can find 2 minute videos your child can watch while they brush their teeth. This website also has resources and other tips to help your toddler brush their teeth. Learn about your child’s teeth development and what you should be doing to keep their teeth healthy.

Be sure your child starts seeing his or her dentist early, when their teeth first begin to develop. Regular preventive visits can save your child from the discomfort of carries, while also establishing a healthy relationship between them and their dentist so that they learn to not be afraid.