Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Paradise Valley, AZ


Good dental hygiene is very important to prevent tooth loss. We work hard to prevent tooth loss, but sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary.

A tooth extraction may need to be performed for a number of reasons; for example, a tooth may be severely decayed, or damaged beyond repair. It may also be necessary as a preliminary step for advanced dental work (including orthodontic procedures) or due to being impacted (a common reason behind wisdom teeth removal).

Wondering if you need a tooth extraction? These are common reasons for dental extractions, here are some:

  • A tooth is decayed or has become infected and is no longer restorable;
  • You’re suffering from periodontal (gum) disease;
  • Orthodontic correction where your teeth are too crowded together or teeth are mal positioned;
  • You have damaged teeth where a tooth or its root is fractured.

After a careful examination and treatment, Dr. Kidess may advise for a tooth extraction. During your consultation with Dr. Kidess, the two of you will discuss an ideal tooth extraction procedure, including your best tooth replacement options. Dr. Kidess will also discuss after-extraction home care to ensure your extraction site heals quickly and without complications.

For a simple tooth extraction, the doctor is able to loosen the tooth and remove it from your mouth in one piece. Sometimes a surgical extraction may be necessary if the tooth is broken off below the gum line or if the tooth breaks into multiple pieces during the extraction. A surgical extraction requires an incision in the gum in-order to remove the tooth.

If you elect for a dental implant, a bone graft may be needed, and at times can be done on the day of extraction as a preparation for the dental implant procedure.


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