Traditional Dental Veneers

There are two cosmetic dental veneer treatments available to dental patients. They are traditional dental veneers and the prepless dental veneers. Both are thin porcelain or composite resin shells that are custom made to fit over the top of your teeth.

Traditional dental veneers require a preparation step where a thin layer of the original tooth is removed to create room for the veneer to fit properly. Usually the amount of the original tooth that is removed is less than a millimeter. Because some base tooth material is removed, this should be considered permanent and is not a reversible procedure.

Traditional dental veneers are normally thicker and more durable than the prepless dental veneers. They tend to work better where teeth are more crowded.

Prepless dental veneers are thinner shells that fit over the top of the existing toot and require no-prep or minimal prep and is considered a reversible procedure.

Traditional Dental Veneers Procedure

Initial Consultation: During this consultation we will start by discussing your goals for your smile and the potential options for treatment that are available. We will assess your teeth and then help you decide if traditional dental veneers are the best treatment option.

Preparation: A thin layer of the tooth will be removed to prepare room for the dental veneer. The goal is to remove as little tooth structure as possible that still allows you to reach your goal. Normally between 0.5mm – 0.7mm of tooth is removed to give room for the traditional porcelain veneer to fit to the tooth without looking bulky. The traditional dental veneer requires the removal of less tooth structure than a full crown.

Dental Veneer Fabrication: After preparation, images and impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent to the lab where custom dental veneers are made to match the shape and color needed for your smile.

Dental Veneer Application: Once the fabrication process is completed, each veneer will be carefully applied to the tooth surface and secured with a strong adhesive. Each veneer will be checked for color and comfortable fit.

The picture below is from a patient that received traditional dental veneers for 4 front teeth

before and after dental veneers

You will need an evaluation to determine which type of dental veneers are best for your smile.


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