Types of Implants and Dentures Offered by an Implant Dentist Scottsdale Residents Rely On

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If you have lost a tooth due to decay, injury, or periodontal disease, then having a tooth replacement is essential. In Paradise Valley dental offices such as Dr. Reem Kidess’ practice, they make sure that your dental needs are completely addressed. They can perform tooth restoration procedures like implant surgery or create dentures to bring back your smile.


An implant is an artificial tooth root installed in the jawbone to support a tooth replacement. A dental implant can provide you with several benefits, such as more secured tooth replacements, easy chewing, and natural-looking teeth. The dental implants that an implant dentist Scottsdale can provide are available in different types: root form implants, plate form implants, and subperiosteal implants.

Root Form Implants

As the name implies, this implant looks almost the same as a natural tooth root. It is often used during a two-stage dental implant procedure for patients with deep jaw bones. Root form implants may come in different forms: screws, cylinders, and bladed types.

Plate Form Implants

The plate form implant is an ideal option for patients with narrow jawbones. This can also be installed if you are not a good candidate for a bone grafting procedure. During the installation, the jawbone will be exposed and the implant will be fitted in. The gums will be stitched up, allowing them to heal for a certain period while the bone grows around the implant.

Subperiosteal Implants

If you plan to get tooth replacements but have trouble qualifying for implant surgery using either of the two previously mentioned implant types, then a Paradise Valley dental expert like Dr. Reem Kidess would suggest subperiosteal implants. The implants are placed on the top of the jawbone so it can hold the artificial teeth.


If you have lost several teeth, then a complete denture just might be your ticket to a better smile. Dentures are dental appliances composed of false teeth that serve as replacements for missing natural teeth. This dental appliance is quite similar in appearance to natural teeth, and it will help you restore your smile.

Full Denture

Also called standard dentures, this dental appliance is ideal for people who have lost all their teeth. Compared with a partial denture, this has a wider surface area to retain stability. A full denture requires four dental appointments to complete the treatment.

Partial Denture

Unlike a full denture, this dental appliance is smaller and easier to fit in the oral cavity. It is also attached to the teeth rather than being suctioned to the gums. Partial dentures Scottsdale dental offices can offer are also removable, making them more convenient for the wearer.

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