What Do I Do if My Crown Falls Out?

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crown falls outYou’re in the middle of enjoying a meal when your crown falls out. What do you do? Is losing your crown a dental emergency?

Don’t panic. You will need to get to the dentist to get it fixed, but it’s not an immediate emergency you need to worry about.

Here’s what to do if your crown falls out.

  1. Get the crown out of your mouth so you won’t accidentally inhale it or swallow it. (If you swallowed it, it should pass without complications, but you may not be inclined to replace it after it’s been through your system.)
  2. Examine the crown. If part of your real tooth is found inside the crown, it means you’ve fractured your tooth and there is no temporary fix to replace it. Just clean it up and keep it until you can see your dentist.
  3. Call your dentist to get an appointment. Most dental offices are quite accommodating at squeezing you in soon to re-secure your crown.
  4. If your crown looks hollow, you can purchase a temporary glue from the drugstore. Make sure your tooth and the crown are both very clean and dry before re-gluing with the temporary glue.

Avoid chewing on the side where the crown is until your appointment with the dentist. After your crown falls out, it’s important to keep it clean by keeping foot particles out of it. Temporary glue is weaker than the permanent glue your dentist will use, so you must be careful.

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