Why You Should Choose CEREC for Faster and Natural-Looking Dental Crowns

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dental crown installationWhen a tooth becomes fractured, discolored or misshapen, your dentist might recommend dental crowns. Crowns are caps commonly used to cover a damaged tooth or dental implant. They are usually made of ceramic or porcelain that matches the color of your teeth or metals such as silver and gold.

It is not so bad to get a crown on your teeth. It protects and improves the appearance of your teeth, which would give you a more confident smile. However, getting one put in normally can be quite a hassle.

How Dental Crowns Are Made

Before making a dental crown, the tooth or teeth are first reduced in size to allow fitting of an appropriate sized crown properly. The dentist then takes an impression to provide an exact mold of your teeth, which will be sent to the lab that manufactures the crowns.

This sounds rather easy, but that dental molding material used to make a model of your mouth tastes rather disgusting. And you will not only have to experience getting the crown cemented to your teeth once but twice!

While waiting for your new crown to be made, the dentist will have put a temporary crown to cover the prepared tooth. The thing is, a temporary crown is temporary as the name implies and therefore may not fit as precisely as the final crown, so some will experience sensitivity, gum soreness and or slight discomfort while using a temporary crown.

Fortunately, there is now an easier and faster way to get dental crowns. CEREC® employs cutting-edge imaging and milling technology to provide same-day dental crowns that are all-porcelain and natural-looking.

Advantages of Choosing CEREC Dental Crowns

  • CEREC® Uses Digital Imaging to Make Impressions of Your Teeth. There is no need to put that gag-inducing molding goop in to your mouth. Instead, you just have to smile at the camera and a virtual model of your teeth will be created through digital imaging. The CEREC® database and software aids the dentist to design and create a customized dental crown right there and then. The CEREC® machine then mills your crown from porcelain.
  • Getting Your Dental Crown on the Same Day Means No More Temporary Crowns. It takes as fast as ten minutes to create your crown with CEREC®’s milling technology. This means you can get your crown in one visit. You won’t have the inconvenience of getting your tooth/teeth worked on twice, being anesthetized twice or the discomfort of having a temporary crown.
  • All Porcelain and Natural-Looking Dental Crowns. You can rest assured that CEREC®’s dental crowns are of superior quality. Porcelain is the best material in producing natural-looking crowns. People won’t even notice you have one. Porcelain crowns are also very long-lasting. While it won’t last forever, it wears down at a similar rate to real teeth. With proper care, it can last you for a lifetime.

If the idea of getting a crown sets off the dental “phobe” in you, there is no need to settle for all the hassles that low-tech dental crowns can bring. To learn more about the advantages of CEREC® Technology and dental crowns or how they work, call 480-991-2290 or visit our  dental office.

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