Your Still Not Using A Power Toothbrush!!

Author: Dr. Reem Kidess | Posted on with 0 comments

What are you waiting for? Perhaps you enjoy manual labor? Are you brushing for at least two-minutes? Go ahead and time yourself the next time you brush.

The latest studies show that you most likely only brushed for approximately 25-seconds. With a power toothbrush you need only guide it while it does all the work for you, and the built in two-minute timer will let you know when to stop.

Once you go power, you’ll never look back on manual. When I (Dr. Kidess) examine your teeth at your next visit, I’ll be so excited to find less plaque and healthier gums, (in only a way a dentist can get excited-LOL!) you’ll be counting the days until your next six-month visit.

Call, e-mail or just stop in and ask me, Dr. Kidess or one of my great team members which power toothbrush we recommend for you–your mouth will love you for it.. Cheers.. 😉

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