Benefits and Importance of Using Diagnostic Wax-Up

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When one or two permanent teeth are extracted, or have fallen off due to an injury, dental implants may be considered. These implants and other dental cosmetic procedures can be made better through diagnostic wax up.

diagnostic wax upWhat is a Diagnostic Wax Up?

A diagnostic wax up is a dental tool that not everyone knows of, but is necessary for dentists and orthodontists during cosmetic dental procedures and dental implants. It’s done by using a cast to get the actual mold of your teeth.

The set of your own teeth will be molded into a wax figure, hence the diagnostic wax up. This procedure helps dentists to see your teeth better and make better judgement on treatment. It’s a recommended procedure for cosmetic dentistry.

Still skeptical? Here’s why you should trust it:

1. It provides proper diagnosis for the treatment

With a diagnostic wax-up procedure, diagnosis for the right treatment to be done will be flawless. The wax-up assists to see the amount of restorative space in your teeth that will indicate the exact arch to be able to fix that space. It also tells what treatment is needed, or if it’s necessary for a surgery.

2. Better visualization for dentists

Since the dental wax-up is going to be molded into the exact shape of your mouth and your dentures, this will give your dentist a better view of what they’ll be working on.

Cosmetic dentistry requires no room for errors, that’s why dentists should be able to assess your teeth properly. With the exact model that can be compared easily with the diagnostic model, they’d be able to see what should be done. 

It also helps in teeth reduction. A dentist will decide to reduce treatments if the wax up turns out to look a lot like the diagnostic model, there will be little to no tooth reduction on your tooth’s surface. It can also tell if more teeth reduction is required.

3. It ensures superior fit 

With a wax-up model perfectly molded into your own mouth, fittings will be more accurate than ever. The molded wax-up will serve as a tool that your dentist can use in modifying your dental implants.

It provides better fit and lessens the time of the whole procedure. Your dentist will have the opportunity to work on modifying it more, even before your scheduled appointment.

4. It serves as a mockup of the desired results

If you’re having second thoughts on a treatment, a mockup will guide you better and make you feel more at ease. Your dentist will rely on it too, to better explain what your teeth conditions are and what they can do to correct it.

Having a direct mockup provides you with a better vision of what’s going to happen, guided by your dentist.

How Diagnostic Wax Up is Done

If you’re more worried about how it’s done, we are telling you to leave those worries behind. Diagnostic wax up is generally a quick procedure facilitated by your dentist, the technician and you as well! Here’s how a dental wax up technique are placed in the process.

  1. A high-quality impression will be done. Common use is of alginate, but some dentists prefer other types. Your dentist may also take photos of your mouth.
  2. Fabrication for two models of your teeth is done. Two are necessary so your dentist can have something to keep for the procedure, and something he can use for the wax up.
  3. After the diagnostic wax up has been made, the dentist technician and patient will work hand in hand to get it into a perfect shape. Your dentist’s recommendations and your preferences will be passed on to the technician to come up with the perfect model.
  4. Assessment will be done, and recommended adjustments will take place before starting any procedure.

The diagnostic wax up is one of the most important dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry. It may be possible for some dentists to work without using it, but its results gave professionals more certainty.

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