Bye-Bye, Anxiety! Your Sedation Dentist Helps You Relax

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dental anxiety

You’ve just bit down on something hard and CRACK! You chip a tooth! That feeling of anxiety is experienced by millions of people just like you. There’s no need to feel embarrassed over your anxiety. In fact, dental anxiety is so common that it has a technical term – odontophobia.

Dental Anxiety – Odontophobia

The causes behind odontophobia may or may not be easily identified. In fact, many times, the patient isn’t even sure why they are afraid to see the dentist. They just are. And that’s okay.

There are many levels of anxiety that patients feel; from slightly apprehensive to full-blown can’t even step into an office without a panic attack. Sometimes addressing the root of the fear (if it’s known) can help soften the patient’s anxiety enough to step foot into the dentist office. Once someone is through the door of a sedation dentist office, other methods can then be implemented to get a fearful patient the care they need.

Bye-Bye, Anxiety! Your Sedation Dentist Helps You Relax

Sedation dentistry is truly an art, and you should see a sedation dentist who is both empathetic and skilled in the practice of sedation dentistry. Your sedation dentist has spent hours learning to treat and help patients cope with their anxiety.

There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all method to sedation dentistry either, and if your dentist suggests that there is, you may want to reconsider who to trust with your treatment. With the right dentist and a customized treatment plan, you truly can say goodbye to dental anxiety!

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