Dental Implants: What Your Scottsdale Dentist Can Do For You

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If you play contact sports, or have ever been in an accident that involves your face getting smashed, then you know how easily teeth can get knocked out. Despite the use of protective equipment like mouth guards in sports, millions of teeth still get knocked out annually. Because of this, Scottsdale dentists offer a lot of ways to get you that smile back after you’ve lost your teeth.

When people get teeth knocked out, most of them think that their choices are limited to traditional methods such as dentures, partial dentures or bridges. Dentures are removable teeth facsimiles that you can wear to hide the fact that you’re missing a tooth, while dental bridges are tooth replacements made from various materials that are kept in place by anchoring it to the teeth beside the gap. Although these methods are still considered mainstream, more and more people are considering a more permanent approach: dental implants.

Dental implants are usually made of titanium and are placed within the bones in your mouth. The bone accepts this replacement tooth and integrates it into the mouth, so it becomes just like any other tooth. This is better than the other tooth replacement methods mostly because it is a permanent solution to tooth loss.

While very advance in nature, as it takes some surgery to get that titanium replacement in place, dental implants are better than dentures or braces when it comes to preserving the integrity of your teeth because they don’t need to be anchored to neighboring teeth. Because the implant is inserted into the bone, it feels like you didn’t lose a tooth in the first place. This is more convenient than dentures that need to be removed and cleaned, or bridges that can cause irritation.

Scottsdale dentist like Dr. Reem Kidess for example can tell you dental implants are more comfortable compared to other methods. Dentures and bridges can impair your speech and self-confidence. Because dental implants on the other hand look, feel, and function like real teeth, you need not worry about speech or eating impediments, and also remain confident in social interactions.

Not everyone can get dental implants though. Dentists will only recommend implants to people with good dental health because implants need a certain amount of bone in your jaw in order to work. The best candidates are those with good oral health including healthy gum tissues.

If you lost a tooth, you should visit a dentist soon so you’d know if you are a candidate for dental implants or not. For more information on finding Scottsdale dentistry practices, or on dental implants in general, you can visit or

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