Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate the Dentist

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i hate the dentistOh, how words can evoke some strong emotions… Merely saying the “D” word (you know, ‘dentist’?) can bring back some pretty awful feelings for some people, and that’s not even making the appointment yet! We came across a few different lists, but here’s OUR top 10 reasons why people hate the dentist.

1. Invasive – For some, opening your mouth for a stranger to inspect closely can be akin to being backed into a corner with nowhere to go. It’s a rather vulnerable feeling.

2. Cold and Uncaring – Not just the dentist chair or the AC turned down low, we’re talking the whole office experience. Some dental offices can feel like a prison. You’re barely greeted by a gal chewing her sorbitol gum and texting on her phone, then asked to sit for a half hour in uncomfortable chairs with only magazines from 6 months ago to look at. Once your worst fears have had more time to circulate through your head, you’re finally brought back to the torture chamber where they chit chat away, seemingly unaware of the office-wait-induced anxiety they’ve inflicted on you.

3. Inconvenient – Some people would rather be working at a job they hate. Really. Cleanings? You only come because it’s required by the insurance.

4. Cost – Even with dental insurance, it can cost you out of pocket for work you didn’t want done in the first place.

5. Shame – You hate flossing and mouthwash makes you want to gag. Even the brand new hygienist will be able to tell that you only started flossing about three days before your appointment. BUSTED.

6. Bad Memories – This one isn’t funny, not even a little. Bad past experiences at the dentist can keep people from getting the help they really need.

7. The Drill – Nail on a chalkboard, need we say more?

8. Pain or Fear of Pain – And you’re paying to have this inflicted on you.

9. NeedlesNeedles are scary enough at the labs where you can look away, but this one is literally in your face. And it’s not small either.

10. General Anxiety – General anxiety, whether rational or unexplained, can be triggered by just about anything in the dentist office. The tools, the napkin hanging from your neck, or other sounds and smells common of all dental offices. This really is the crux of why people hate the dentist.

Some of these might seem silly and lighthearted, but the reality is, it’s not funny for someone who experiences real anxiety over seeing a dentist. The reasons why people hate the dentist can vary depending on each person’s past experiences. The good news is, that modern techniques and technology in sedation dentistry, coupled with a compassionate staff and calm environment, can help you overcome your odontophobia or fear of dentist so that you can get the quality care that you need.

If you’re looking for a compassionate sedation dentist in the Scottsdale, AZ area, we want to encourage you to contact us today to see how we can help.

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  1. Going to the dentist wasn’t so bad when I was a little girl, but now that I’m a grown woman, I HATE going to the dentist! Everything about it just makes me think, “I can’t wait to get this over with.” When the appointment is over and done with, and everything turned out fine, there’s this feeling of relief. It’s like, “Yes! I got it over with! And everything’s okay. I’m so glad to get that done!”


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