ClearCorrect Braces: Invisible, Removable Braces

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ClearCorrect invisible bracesAbout 29 percent of Americans says that teeth are the first thing they notice when meeting someone. Whether it is during dates, socializing with a group of people or even on job interviews, a smile triggers a positive first impression and improves success in cultivating social relationships.

It is not surprising that dental care treatments nowadays are becoming less invasive and more natural-looking. The generally unattractive metal and bracket braces are getting out of date with the surge of invisible, removable aligners such as ClearCorrect braces.

What is ClearCorrect and How Does it Work

Invisible braces are a subtle way to straighten your teeth for those who are conscious of appearance. ClearCorrect aligners are customized, invisible, and removable plastic teeth aligners used to straighten your teeth gradually. They are made from premium crack & stain-resistant polyurethane and features longer retention time.

Dr Reem Kidess, a reputable ClearCorrect dentist in Scottsdale, explains how ClearCorrect braces work:

“Your dentist or orthodontist will identify your needs and whether ClearCorrect is appropriate for you. Then he or she will take pictures, make impressions and X-rays of your teeth in order to be able to create 3D models of your teeth. At this stage, your dentist will also discuss with you your treatment plan, explaining what you should expect from ClearCorrect.”

The 3D models are sent to a manufacturer-specific laboratory which would fabricate your clear aligners using computerized technology. The custom-fit aligners are then sent to your dentist for evaluation.

ClearCorrect comes in sets which are worn on different timeframes based on your specific treatment plan. The aligners will be checked and replaced by your dentist periodically according to your progress until you achieve your perfect smile. Dr Kidess further explained the advantages of choosing ClearCorrect aligners

Why You Should Choose ClearCorrect

Discreet appearance. ClearCorrect aligners boast a nearly-invisible appliance. They have a clear, smooth surface, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them. There is also no need to worry about clouding. Dr Kidess stated that the technology used in ClearCorrect aligners “preserve their clear appearance over time” and is resistant to clouding from wear.

More comfortable. While it is unavoidable to feel discomfort or mild pain, especially at the beginning when the new aligners exert pressure on the teeth to move them, clear aligners are relatively more comfortable compared to traditional wire braces. Invisible aligners are minimally invasive and virtually irritation-free. There are no brackets that would fall off or wires that would break and poke your mouth.

Easily Removable. Clear aligners should be removed “when eating and drinking or for dental care, like brushing or flossing.” This means that there are no dietary restrictions in using clear braces, unlike those who are using traditional ones. There are no wires to trap food or get in the way when you floss.

Friendly Price. Invisible braces cost about the same or higher than traditional braces. The cost varies depending on the type and duration of treatment, and the dental professional.. However, ClearCorrect aligners are more affordable than similar teeth aligner products based on 3D printing technology.

ClearCorrect braces can only be accessed through manufacturer-certified dentists or orthodontists.

Dr Reem Kidess of Scottsdale is a well-established ClearCorrect dentist. She has been in dental practice since 1995 and is also an Elite Member of Cerec Doctors. To find out more about ClearCorrect straightening and removable braces, visit us in our office or give us a call at (480)991-2290.

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