Straightening Teeth with Clear Invisible Braces for Adults

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clear invisible bracesMany people missed their chance of getting braces in their teenage years and mistakenly assume they have forever missed their chance. However, orthodontic treatment nowadays is a viable option for youngsters and adults alike. In fact, the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatments during the last few years is on the rise.

Differences Between Orthodontic Treatment For Adult and Children

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, at least one in four patients seeking orthodontic treatments is an adult. This is due to innovative technology and treatment techniques, such as the use of clear invisible braces which are almost completely unnoticeable.

Braces help straighten crooked, uneven or overcrowding teeth by applying continuous pressure over a period of time. As a response to the pressure, the teeth will slowly move to a specific direction and change shape.

Even, though the teeth and jawbone of adults have already stopped growing, adult treatment does not necessarily mean longer time in treatment. Thanks to many technological advances utilizing CBCT, CAD and 3-D technology, adult treatment in many cases can be a very streamlined process requiring a year or less.

Clear Braces and Adult Orthodontics

The stigma that braces are a sign of teenage angst is long gone. If there is anything that can be considered the fuel to the popularity of adult orthodontics, it can only be the emergence of clear braces.

According to David Evans, DDS, the first attempt on ‘invisible’ braces was made as early the 1970s. Dentists began to experiment the use of braces that are applied to the back of the teeth instead of the front, thus, seemingly invisible.

However, it is only during 1997 that effective and universally accepted invisible braces were introduced which uses 3-D computer technology and the fabrication of clear plastic aligners. Three years later, the first brand of clear aligners was made available to the public.

Advantages of Clear Braces

Clear Braces has become an instant hit, especially for adults. Its best advantage is its completely transparent appearance. Overall, it is also generally more comfortable and gentle than conventional metal braces.

Completely Transparent. You can smile with complete confidence. Most people won’t even notice you are wearing them. They will also maintain their clear appearance over time. Clear aligners are made of special materials that won’t get cloudy from wear.

More Comfortable. There will be no metal wires poking into your gum and cheeks. It is also easier to clean. Clear aligners are removable and should be removed temporarily during meals and when brushing and flossing as long as you wear them for at least 22 hours a day.

Gentle and Precise. When using traditional braces, the wires are tightened on appointments, making your teeth sore for days. Comparatively, clear aligners are less forceful. It utilizes cutting edge technology to clearly define a treatment plan to allow gentle, precise movement of your teeth.

It is never too late to get orthodontic treatment. Your dentist might consider many variables in developing your customized treatment plan—but age is seldom a deciding factor.

Clear braces offer an opportunity not just to straighten your teeth but to raise your confidence and quality of life. For more information on clear braces or where to get them, please visit our Scottsdale dental office.

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