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laser dentistry Scottsdale AZUse of laser technology in dentistry has been in practice for more than 20 years. Maybe you’ve been curious about laser dentistry but are unsure if it’s the right option for you.

Laser dentistry can actually serve several different purposes within a practice. Lasers can be used for things like removing lesions or tissue for a biopsy, reducing the time needed for hardening or curing fillings while also strengthening the bond between the tooth and filling, or even enhancing teeth whitening treatments.

What are some of the benefits of laser dentistry?

  • Can invoke less anxiety for the patient than the traditional whirring sound of the drill. (Related: See Overcoming Dental Fear)
  • Usually less painful than the drill, reducing the need for higher levels of anesthesia.
  • Less invasive than the drill when used to remove smaller cavities which can help preserve more of the natural tooth.
  • Cauterizes and sterilizes as it cuts through soft tissue resulting in less bleeding, and reduces the occurrence of swelling.
  • Removing diseased gum tissue.
  • Aids in crown-lengthening procedures.
  • Brighter and whiter teeth whitening treatments.

Despite the advanced nature of laser technology, lasers are unable to be used on preexisting dental work like fillings, and cannot be used to treat a larger cavities, bridges and/or crowns. Even with all of these amazing treatment benefits, sometimes a traditional drill will still need to be used for things like shaping fillings, polishing or adjusting the bite.

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